We are currently seeking proposals to develop and lead thematic sessions during the first two days of HIV2020. We are also seeking proposals from artists who are interested in holding an exhibition and performers who are interested in arranging an artistic performance programme during HIV2020.

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Informed by our goals and themes, HIV2020 organizers have adopted a unique structure for the event.


HIV2020 will be preceded by active engagement of media, researchers, policy makers, funders, and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to raise visibility around our communities’ concerns and priorities.


The event itself will bring together a 3-day program: 

HIV2020 participants will be asked to contribute to a global action plan for positioning our communities’ role in the HIV response and related global health movements. Participants will also be asked to participate in developing recommendations to the International AIDS Society.

HIV2020 will use the selected program to promote solidarity through this cross-cutting advocacy platform. The platform will tackle themes that include: ending the oppressive laws, policies, and practices that negatively impact the people living with, and the people disproportionately affected by HIV; and pushing back against political conservatism, fundamentalism and regressive policies in the Latin American region, and throughout the world. Organizers are also committed to using HIV2020 as an opportunity to hold governments accountable for the provision of high-quality, evidence-informed, rights-based, affordable HIV prevention, care, and treatment and other health services. 


HIV2020 is accepting proposals from key population-led networks and organizations, community-led networks and organizations, social and healthcare agencies, research institutions or universities and other allied organizations interested in developing and leading, half- and full-day programs during Day 1 (affinity) and Day 2 (intersectionality) of HIV2020. Proposals from individual community advocates, service providers, healthcare professionals, researchers, funders, or policy makers are welcome but must have backing from an organization, institution, or network.

HIV2020 is also accepting proposals from artists and performers on the conference themes of affinity, intersectionality and solidarity that must also align with the values and principles of the conference.


Proposals must be aligned with the conference themes, the overarching theme of the day, and the values and principles of the conference. 

Please Download and Read the Full Guidelines for Submission

Proposals that fail to include ALL of the elements included in the above Guidelines will NOT be reviewed.

Proposals must be uploaded via the online form below.

All proposals are due NO LATER THAN January 31, 2020

Files can be uploaded as .doc, .pdf, .mov, .mp4, or .jpg

or shoot us a quick email at hiv2020mexico@gmail.com

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